Director Leadership Cohort

Overview and the ideal member

This leadership program has been designed exclusively for fraternitiesí and sororitiesí director-level staff. These are the managers who report to the CEO or report to those who report to the CEO, but are not the AED or COO. These directors and managers are in a unique position in the organization because of the many different perspectives they must adjust for:

  • Driving the CEOís and Boardís strategic plans and putting out daily fires
  • Supporting direct reports in making progress on goals and following through
  • Developing their own management style and avoiding burn out

This program will have Directors from across the country who want to become more effective communicators, excellent role models, and motivators for themselves and others. Youíll leave this program with:

  • An increased understanding of how you communicate, handle conflict (or avoid it!), and how to create the reputation you deserve.
  • Tools developed by and for fraternity leaders that allow staff to work together more easily
  • Increased awareness of who you are as a leader and the behaviors that support that presence
  • New critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Different management techniques and when to use them
  • Confidence in being able to have tough conversations
  • Strengthened relationships with your fellow directors


Program Format

This Director cohort will first meet at FEAís annual meeting in May in Las Vegas. Even if you canít join in person, weíll make video conferencing available so we can all be together. The cohort will then meet via videoconference each month for 2 hours from June to December, having our final meeting at the FEA mid-year gathering in Anaheim (again, with virtual attendance available) The purpose of each session is for you to learn new skills, share your successes and struggles, and gain feedback on how to improve as a leader. Youíll also have access to the facilitator and executive coach, Stefanie Krievins, for 911-type situations and for personalizing the content.

What is going to be asked of me?

  • Bring a real business problem that youíre willing to work on with your peers
  • Complete your commitments between sessions
  • Attend 7 of the 8 sessions with undivided attention
  • Be honest about your strengths and where you need to grow

The investment for this cohort is $750.

Facilitated by Stefanie Krievins, facilitator of FEA's COO Leadership Cohort, too.

Registration has closed. If you have questions about this program please contact