EXCEL Summit for HQ

FEA is excited to partner with RISE Partnerships to offer the pilot session of the EXCEL Summit for Headquarters Professionals. There are more director-level leadership roles within fraternity/sorority life than there have ever been. Meanwhile, few professionals have formal training in how to manage a department, and the complexities involved in the job are only increasing. This calls for more advanced training on strategy, operations management, and departmental leadership for those taking on the position. RISE created the EXCEL Summit to meet that need with insights from decades of professional experience, organization design literature, and the best thinking on organizational leadership in fraternity/sorority life.


EXCEL prepares participants to:

  • Identify and map the core components of a department 
  • Gain technical knowledge in:
  • Identifying and tracking department objectives,
  • Generating and allocating resources
  • Developing operational systems, and 
  • Organizing and developing personnel
  • Use a strategic management framework to align each component of the department with organizational characteristics and objectives
  • Develop executive leadership skills for directing a department 

There will be twelve sessions of the EXCEL Summit for Headquarters Professionals, offered bi-weekly on Wednesdays from 12:00-1:30pm Eastern from December 6, 2023 - May 8, 2024.
The HQ EXCEL Summit is designed specifically for current chief operating officers, assistant executive directors, or director-level
staff across functional areas such as chapter services, alumni engagement, volunteer development, education, health and safety,
accountability, and more. The program requires that participants have some level of direct experience leading multiple aspects of a fraternity/sorority department.
While program content will be informative to any fraternity/sorority professional, it may not be relevant or appropriate for those who are not a lead decision-maker in a department or those who have fewer than 5 years of post-graduate experience.
This event is open to those employed by FEA member organizations. Attendance is capped at 24 participants so we can provide a personalized experience.


What To Expect

● Work in a community with peers in similar positions facing similar challenges
● Combine operational information from your organization and others to help create a body of knowledge about executive leadership in fraternity/sorority life
● Gain advanced training in executive leadership in higher education
● Complete work assignments between sessions to help you apply lessons learned
● Get a comprehensive workbook with program content and materials to help you implement lessons learned after the event
● Develop a final work product to guide your department and prepare for the year
● Access to ongoing personalized coaching and support from presenters throughout and after the event

The cost is $675 per participant, which includes program attendance, guided work assignments, coaching sessions with faculty, all program materials, and supplemental resources before and after the program.

Register here by November 10, 2023.


Contact Dan Wrona for more details about the program.