Who We Are

The Fraternity Executives Association provides educational and other support services for the professional development of its members and promotes the values and success of the fraternal movement.

What Does FEA Have to Offer?

Professional Development

FEA provides professional development opportunities for the newest fraternity staff members to the most experienced executives. The programs include the Field Staff Conferences, Interfraternity Institute, and the Annual Meeting.

The Annual Meeting generally include sessions on legal issues, IRS questions, auditing, risk management, computerization, personnel management, salary administration, real estate issues, accounting issues, fundraising, foundation development, personal development, health issues, insurance, crisis management, topics of the day affecting member fraternities, and other mutual problems, challenges and concerns.

Support for Fraternal Movement

As fraternity professionals we are privileged to play a part in the lives of young men and women on campuses throughout North America. Few institutions support intellectual and personal development, encourage tolerance for a wide range of people and beliefs, and help clarify personal values as we do in the fraternal community.

Through its collaboration with its interfraternal partners, FEA promotes the success of the fraternal movement.

Professional Network

Not only does FEA provide the opportunity to share, connect with and support our peers, but over the years we have developed a unique relationship with our sponsors. The relationship between colleagues in FEA is open and helpful, and that camaraderie and professionalism extends to our sponsors.