Blue & Co Financial Corner

  • FEA partners, Blue & Co, are providing a collection of resources for the fraternal industry. Those resources can be found here and will be updated regularly.

Korn Ferry Webinar Resources

    White Paper on Board Effectiveness by Dr. Beth Gazley

    Department of Labor Resources

    Sample Job Descriptions 

                    Chapter Services 1

                    Chapter Services 2

                    Chapter Services 3

                    Chapter Services 4

                    Chapter Services 5

                    Education Leadership 1

                    Education Leadership 2

                    Leadership Consultant 1

    • Alumni Affairs

                    Alumni Director 1

                    Alumni Director 2

                    Asst. Alumni Director 1

    • Employee Manual

                     Employee Handbook 1

                     Employee Handbook 2

                     Employee Handbook 3

                     Employee Handbook 4

                     Employee Handbook 5

    • Executive Director

                    Executive Director 1

                    Executive Director 2

                    Executive Director 3

                    Executive Director 4

                    Asst Executive Director

                    ED Contract

    • Documents

                    Confidentiality 1

                    Confidentiality 2

                    Conflict of Interest

                    Emergency Information

                    Employee Information

    • House Director

                     House Director

                     House Director Sample Offer Letter

                     House Director Sample Job Description

    • Housing Staff Members: 

                      Accounts Payables Specialist   

                      Director of Housing Resources   

                      FHC ED     

                      FHC Interior Designer 

                      FHC Pay Roll Admin

                      FHC Property Manager

                      Housing Administrative Assistant

                      Housing Programs Accountant

                      Housing Programs Accounting Manager

                      Housing Programs HR Administrative Specialist

                      Housing Programs HR Manager

                      Housing Senior Administrative Specialist

                      OOH Program Director

                      Senior Accounts Payables Specialist

                      Asst Office 1     

                      Asst. Office 2       

                      Office 1     

                      Office 2

                     Expansion 1   

                     Expansion 2



    Writing ADA Compliant Job Descriptions

    Sample Employee Contracts